Patterson Poultry is an exhibition poultry and hobby farm.  It is operated by Jonathan and Amber Patterson in Bluffton, IN.  Jonathan has been breeding, raising, and exhibiting exhibition poultry for 20 years.  Over the years we have raised several different breeds, varieties, and species.  Follow along to read about our farming adventures, show experiences, DIY projects, and more!

20180621_062923Breeds we currently raise:


  • Large Fowl – White Wyandottes and Rose Comb White Minorcas
  • Bantams – White Plymouth Rocks, Buff Brahmas, Silver Laced Wyandottes


  • Silver Fox

Jonathan is an active licensed judge and lifetime member in the American Poultry Association (A.P.A) and the American Bantam Association (A.B.A)

Other credentials:

A.P.A. Master Exhibitor #577

Master Breeder of Large Fowl White Wyandottes and Salmon Faverolles